How I became a Software Developer after years as an HR Business Partner

  • I won’t provide a magic formula or sell you a pill (you know! the kind of drug in Limitless movie), so you can become a developer overnight.
  • I won’t share only about technical knowledge. I’ll also emphasise the importance of non-technical knowledge/ experiences/ background, mindset.

Have a roadmap

Sharpen your problem-solving skill

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#1: When facing the unknown problem, to get out is to get in.

#2: Read articles on how to solve a programming problem.

Define your niche by connecting your past skills and programming skills

I urge you to look back to your past roles and pick out problems that you can solve with your new skills. Build solutions for them. Repeat.

Always try to build something with what you are learning.

One thing I like about this field is that you are what you built. Your work is the best channel to show what you are capable of.

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Learn-by-doing is good, but you shouldn’t do it purposelessly.

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  • You are motivated to build that damn thing even it was challenging somehow because you think “They can do it. So, do I”.
  • You don’t beat yourself up if you think positively “Well, I am getting there. Just like others.”
  • You only learn how to build the same thing and forget to ask Whys. “Why they used this framework? Why they used function over class?”.
  • You developed a habit of “project hopping” without a clear goal what developer you want to be. You do projects because they are cool, people say “Wow” to your profile.

You can be an explorer with your roadmap but don't wander too far; otherwise, you will get lost.

Understand computer science fundamentals

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Don’t forget to say “I wanna thank me for my success.”




Software Engineer with strong HRIS expertise. love surfing and playing beach volleyball when I don’t code!

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Phoebe Phuong Nguyen

Phoebe Phuong Nguyen

Software Engineer with strong HRIS expertise. love surfing and playing beach volleyball when I don’t code!

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