In this article, I will share my strategy on how to find and read technical documentation. While most articles help you read well-written, well-maintained docs, I will share my approach on how to navigate a not-so-friendly docs (Monaco Code editor) with an example from my project

For this topic, I also made a Youtube video to show you some examples!

So, now there is one more article to help beginner developers. Let’s dive in!

Why “read the manual” skill is essential but underestimated?

Most people can read, and it is the…

Check my table of Common Errors (& Fix) when trying to deploy with Heroku.

This time when I tried to deploy my $impleTrade web app in Heroku, I got some new errors that I didn’t get previously. It took me a while to search for answers from Stackoverflow.

While the answers were very helpful, they were more like bread scrums. So, I think it is useful for me and others if I create a summary of errors and my fixes. I will try to keep this table updated as I go.

The most common error is H14 — No web…

How to build a stock trading web app based on the real price from IEX Cloud with Python, Flask, sqlite3, Bootstrap, and AWS Cloud9.

Friendly Error Page


  • Portfolio Management

Since my last post about a Slackbot I built, I received many questions from people in my network and even some new friends who found my post helpful for them. Lots of you asked “How did you do that?”, “I also don’t have a technical background, how should I start programming”.

I hope this “know-how" sharing can help you — just like me who don’t have a technical background but want to break the comfort zone and start programming.


  • I won’t provide a magic formula or sell you a pill (you know! …

The final version of heybot is finally here. To pull the last piece of this project (request time off function and return a receipt), new tools I had to use were Threading, calendar, datetime modules.

My full code is available here.

The Roadmap

>> Project Overview

>> Part 1: Hello World version

>> Part 2: Hello Galaxy version

The journey completed


Three services that heybot delivers:

Continuing on my HelloWorld version, I completed my HelloGalaxy version. This journal article is to share the development process of heybot’s HelloGalaxy version, and one of my favourite challenges which there was no official documentation and I figured out my own solution (using private_metadata).

My full code is available here.

The Roadmap

>>Project Overview

>> Part 1: Hello World version

>> Part 3: Final version

Recalling from my original roadmap, this is where we stand.

Project Context

I have an HR background and with my experiences as an HR Partner in tech and banking industry, I see so much potential to improve the HR field with technology. Some areas to start with: communication, data management, data analytics, paperless process, automation workflow, knowledge management system and smart decision making using AI.

There have been so many great products to transform HR such as CultureAmp, Workday, Zendesk, Trello but I’ll say “We can do more!”.

I chose to build a Slackbot because a smart virtual assistant helps to improve productivity for both employees and HR team. For example, an…

This is my journal article for the development process of heybot’s Hello world version. I will write from a beginner’s perspective so it can be lengthy (a bit), but I hope other beginners will find it useful.

My full code is available here.

>>Project Overview

>> Part 2: Hello Galaxy version

>> Part 3: Final version



In this version, my purposes were:

  1. Connect heybot (the back-end is stored in my laptop) to Slack server
  2. When I say “Hello”, heybot replies “Hello <my_slack_username>”

Know the resources

These resources are all I need to build the Helloworld version and upgrade it to the final version.

General knowledge about API

— I will have a separated post for this

Eatthefrog Demo

Project Context

Dashboard Screen

Eatthefrog is a task planning web app. It was my graduation project in the Web Developer Bootcamp that I got accepted in June 2020.

I released the MVP version, which has four main functions Create Task, Edit Task, Delete Task, Filter (by Status, Due Date); and it has not been responsive to Mobile yet.

Play with my app here:

You can check my codebase here:

The Process

I think I just have my Aha! moment when I realise I – as an HR practitioner, an Executive have been contradicting myself for putting the requirement in hiring “We expect you to have entrepreneurship mindset” then later question regretfully why some of those Stars leave the company so fast.

To go further, let’s understand what entrepreneurship is by definition. From here, you will stay on the same page with me and know why I reason as below.

By Cambridge dictionary: “skill in starting new businessesespecially when this involves seeing new opportunities

Phoebe Phuong Nguyen

Software Developer with strong HRIS expertise. I was a HRBP :). I love surfing and playing beach volleyball when I don’t code!

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